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custom furniture

Adornment Designs is our custom furniture and interior design company. We design and fabricate custom furniture and cushions for every space and application using the finest woods and fabrics to provide incredibly comfortable and resilient furniture.



Welcome to Living Spaces' partial portfolio of meticulously crafted homes that redefine luxury living in Costa Rica's southern Pacific zone. Explore spaces where every detail has been carefully considered, and envision the possibility of making your dream home a reality with Living Spaces.


we have built 4 four complete retreat centers in Costa Rica. We love to design and implement retreat centers for every concept. Then we will link Kinkara, Selva Armonia, and Metamorfinca's websites and add photos to our site.


With over 25 years of Event Production from intimate dinners to 15,000 person music festivals we are capable of producing the finest event experiences including all aspects. Produciton, operations, housing, client services, safety and security 

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